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Smithers Apex's OLEDs World Summit 2017 will bring together the international OLED community, connecting over  100 of the most innovative leaders in the lighting and display industry- discussing trends, investments, market information and technology advancements being made in the industry today!

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OLEDs World Summit 2017 conference tickets  $1199 $1399 $1499 $1699
OLEDs World Summit 2017 conference tickets + Flexible Foldable OLEDs $1798 $1998 $2098 $2298
OLEDs World Summit 2017 Flexible Foldable OLEDs ONLY tickets 





*You do not have to attend the full conference to purchase a workshop ticket

If you  have additional questions regarding registration,  please contact  Spencer Clark at  or +1 330 762 7441 ext. 1135.