OLEDs World Summit

FUJIFILM Dimatix, the world's premier provider of piezoelectric inkjet printheads and systems, has more than 32 years of experience in advancing the performance of drop-on-demand dispensing devices with its state-of-the-art MEMS technology. The Dimatix Materials Printer, a cartridge-based piezoelectric inkjet printing system that enables direct deposition of functional fluids - including nanoparticle-based metallic and organic materials - to create products like electronics, displays, RFID antennas, smart tags, DNA arrays, smart packaging, solar cells, and wearable electronics, has been accepted as the gold standard for the accelerated development of inkjet solutions in electronics, displays, chemical, life sciences, photovoltaics, 3D mechanical, optical, and other emerging technologies and industries.

The Dimatix Materials Printer DMP-2850 is designed for micro-precision jetting a variety of functional fluids onto virtually any surface, including plastic, glass, ceramics, and silicon, as well as flexible substrates from membranes, gels, and thin films to paper products, over an area of 200 x 300mm. By employing single-use cartridge-based printheads, the DMP-2850 minimizes waste of expensive fluid materials, thereby eliminating the cost and complexity associated with traditional product development and prototyping.

A successful printing system integrates fluids, maintenance, printheads, substrate handling, and processing with existing manufacturing equipment. Technological breakthroughs for printheads are continuously required to accelerate the development of functional materials printing.  FUJIFILM Dimatix will stay at the leading edge of printhead development to support printing systems in organic electronic device development.