OLEDs World Summit

nTact is a leading supplier of slot die coating systems and integrated process solutions for display, touchscreen, photovoltaic and flexible electronics applications. The company’s product line ranges from lower cost R&D systems to fully automated pilot production and full production work cells including integrated modules such as AP plasma, vacuum dry, hotplates, chill plates and UV cure. Slot die coating is capable of depositing a wide variety of materials at a range of coating thicknesses, while maintaining high levels of uniformity and material utilization.  The coatings can be applied to the entire substrate, or can alternately be coated in an array of rectangular shapes to match the underlying device structure.  nTact has over 25 years of experience in delivering unique coating process solutions for a wide range of applications in emerging and mature markets, including the deposition of organic materials for OLED displays and lighting, conductive and dielectric layers, photoresists, suspensions, and active photovoltaic materials.  At its facility in Dallas, TX, the company conducts engineering, development and equipment manufacturing.  A demonstration lab (cleanroom) is also maintained, for process development and feasibility testing using customer-supplied substrates and coating materials. nTact’s products are sold and serviced worldwide, with support from the corporate site along with factory-trained personnel at key locations throughout Europe and Asia.