Why Attend?

Learn more about who attends and why you should pencil the OLEDs World Summit into your calendar.

Celebrating 19 years of bringing together the international OLED community

"The OLEDs World Summit is always able to bring new and complete updates on the entire OLED supply chain." - S.Tominetti, SAES Getters

"This summit has provided an incredible amount of content in a short amount of time!" - 
R. Yoder, Albemarle Corporation

Maybe you would like to know about the latest advancements in flexible OLED lighting, technical hurdles, performance indicators and more; hear the perspectives of lighting designers regarding what they're looking for; or perhaps you want to hear form the industry's leading executives on their vision for commercialization. Perhaps you're new to the industry and need a comprehensive overview of the key players and issues.

The OLEDs World Summit is the place to be to answer all your questions!

Who can you expect to meet when attending the OLEDs World Summit?