2019 Agenda Preview

Enjoy an exclusive preview of the speakers and presentations that will be featured at the 21st Annual OLEDs World Summit, taking place this September 24-26, in San Jose!

What Are People Saying About The 2019 OLEDs World Summit?

To better explain the value of attending this leading industry conference, we reached out to our two newest advisory board members, Dr. Stephen Chae,  Manager of Technology Strategy & Open Innovation at Samsung Research America, and  Dr. Neetu Chopra, Program Director of  RGB Technology at Kateeva, and asked them why they think the OLEDs World Summit is a must-attend event for anyone in the OLED industry.

The OLEDs World Summit is a one stop shop. You can be exposed to scientists, market analysts, start-ups, you name it... It continues to be a great place for professional networking to make new connections and advance your career. The dedicated networking breaks provide the opportunity to make new connections and catch up with colleagues you’ve come to know from past summits. The OLEDs World Summit also covers a very wide range of topics; you can get a whole range of information in one spot. That’s the best part of the event.

Dr. Stephen Chae | Samsung Research America | 2019 Advisory Board

I have been working on OLEDs since my undergraduate degree, and I have been attending the OLEDs World Summit since 2014. It’s a great event to stay plugged in with our partners, customers and current innovations in the field. The OLEDs World Summit provides a power- house of information on OLED technology and covers depth and breadth of understanding in this niche field. This conference also encompasses attendees from several notable companies that are driving the OLED display revolution, and I think it's one event you cannott miss!

Dr. Neetu Chopra | Kateeva  | 2019 Advisory Board 

What Can You Expect To Hear at the 2019 OLEDs World Summit?

The New OLED Market – Full Screen, Foldable, Hybrid and Rollable
OLED is rising in the display applications, and now growing with new market momentum. Full screen feature change the smartphone market, as well as panel production efficiency. Foldable OLEDs bring new opportunities and challenges. With Samsung Electronics, Huawei and other smartphone manufacturers already announcing new smartphones with foldable form factors, shipments of foldable OLED panels are expected to exceed 17 million units by 2021. Hybrid OLED technology grants the chance to penetrate into the PC market, and presents great opportunity for China makers. Rollable TVs debuted with high interest and advances cost reduction efforts with better panel structure. The preview and review of these key OLED market drivers will be touched on in the presentation, as well as the long term forecast and critical paths of OLED technology.

→ Presented by:  David Hsieh | Director of Analysis & Research, Displays | IHS Markit

OLED Taillight Revolution

  • Automotive OLED revolution: more than homogeneous light
  • Automotive OLED lighting performance
  • Current status and advancing USPs of OLED technology in automotive lighting
  • Future perspective of OLED technology in automotive lighting

→ Presented by:  Dr. Werner Thomas | Project Manager - OLED Lighting | Audi AG Germany 

Solution for Removal of OLED Burn-In on OLED TV Using GPU based Real-time Compensation Technology
A real-time compensation method has been developed to remove for burn-in on AMOLED displays. The technology is driven by software that resides in the device GPU. The system can track the stress history of pixels and utilize the video data from a correction table, derived in a mathematic model considering driving brightness, driving period and operation temperature. The system applies brightness correction over hours comparable to several years of usage period on the TV model 55EG9600, driven with compensation software embedded FPGA. The power consumption increase is a few percent above nominal values. Overall memory requirements is minimized to store the data and the table.

→ Presented by:  Shuenn-Jiun Tang | VP Business Development |  Ignis Innovation Inc.

The Latest Breakthrough of Printing OLED Technology for Next Generation Premium TV 

  • Market Requirement of Premium TV & Technology Trend
  • Benefits of Printing Technology
  • Latest Breakthrough of Printing Technology for Next Generation Premium TV
    • 31” 4K OLED TV
    • 31” 4K H-QLED TV
    • High Resolution: 4.92” 403ppo
  • TCL OLED Technology Development Strategy
    • Juhua Open Platform R&D Institute

→ Presented by:  Dr. James (Jueng-Gil) Lee | Deputy Chief Engineer | TCL

Washable Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) for Wearable Electronics

OLED-based wearable electronic devices require a high aqueous barrier stability to withstand washing process. A nano-multi encapsulation barrier with silicon dioxide composite capping layer is introduced to prevent water from permeating through OLED and organic solar cell. The washable encapsulation barrier maintains its properties even after 20 washings with 10 minute cycles.

→ Presented by:  Kyung Cheol Choi Ph.D. | Professor, School of Engineering | KAIST

Learn More About This Year's Confirmed Presenters!

  • Kyung Cheol CHOI, Ph.D.

    Professor, School of Engineering KAIST

    “Kyung Cheol CHOI”, Ph.D. has been professor at KAIST since 2005. He had been in charge of Center for Advanced Flexible Display Convergence supported by Korea Research Foundation from 2007 to 2016, and he has been in charge of LG Display-KAIST cooperation center since 2010.

    Prof. Choi received a PhD degree in display field from Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea. He has been involved in display R&D at industries and universities for more than 25 years. His main research field includes flexible and wearable OLEDs.

  • David Hsieh

    Director, Displays IHS Markit

    Mr. David Hsieh is Director of Analysis & Research within the IHS Technology group. Mr. Hsieh joined IHS in November 2014, when IHS acquired DisplaySearch, a leader in primary research and forecasting on the global display market. At DisplaySearch, he served as vice president of the greater China market. He is a noted expert in TFT, LCD and LCD TV value chain research and analysis throughout Taiwan and China.

    Prior to DisplaySearch, he was a key account manager at HannStar Display, a leading TFT LCD manufacturer. Before that, he spent five years as production planner and production engineer at HannStar's TFT LCD module line and Hitachi Kaohsiung's STN LCD module line.

    Mr. Hsieh has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, and a Masters of Business Administration from Preston University, Wyoming, United States.

  • Dr. James (Jueng-Gil) Lee, Ph.D

    Deputy Chief Engineer TCL Corporate Research

    Dr. James Lee’s 28 years working experience comes from global leading IT companies, such as Apple (Principal Technologist, USA), LG Display (Research Fellow, Korea), Samsung Electronics (Principal Engineer, Korea) and CDT (Director, UK) holding fundamental IPs of Polymer OLED material/device architecture/process technology and is an expert in OLED display manufacturing technology & product development.

    OLED manufacturing technology development for TV & Mobile application (18 years)

    • Apple: As Principal Technologist, led OLED TV projects with strategic business partners and analyzed OLED technologies in terms of product performance, manufacturing technology scalability & maturity for volume production and cost competitiveness. Based on these analyses, provided a clear path to future direction of OLED TV product.                   
      • Dr. Lee also involved actively in flexible OLED technology development for iWatch.
    • LG Display: As Research Fellow, responsible for 31” FHD OLED TV technology/product development fabricated by RGB printing technology. The successful achievement of the World 1st 31" FHD OLED TV fabricated by RGB Printing Technology lead to accelerate OLED manufacturing technology/ product development for TV application and was able to decide investment of G8.5 OLED TV manufacturing line.
    • CDT: As Director, managed joint development programs with strategic business partners for polymer OLED technology/product development. Specially 3 years’ Panasonic project management from 2006 to 2008 lead that Panasonic can demonstrate excellent looking the 55” 4K OLED TV in CES 2013. (World 1st largest/high resolution Printing OLED TV)
    • Successfully set-up & operated the three LCD manufacturing lines (L1: 370x470, L2: 550x650, L3: 600x720) at Samsung Electronics and showed track of records in yield improvement, productivity improvement, manufacturing cost reduction and new technology transfer into production line.
    • Serving as R&D Head for LCD technology development at Samsung Electronics
      • Expertise in coaching and executing new technology development for LCD mfg. line.
    • Seasoned technical executive with hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of Oxide TFT manufacturing technology for OLED TV & flexible display technology.
    • Disciplined and attentive project manager with set goals/time frame/budget requirement and unique management skills.
    • Open innovation capability with excellent human networks and multi-language skills. (Professional Level: Korean/Japanese/English)
    • Dr. Lee, Deputy Chief Engineer at Guangdong Juhua Printed Display Technology Co.Ltd  and TCL Corporate Research since April.2015, is responsible for printing OLED and QLED technology for TV application and innovative flexible display technology development.



    • Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from Tohoku University in Sensai, Japan  (Oct. 1990)
    • Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from Seoul University in Seoul, Korea  (Aug.1985)
    • M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (Feb.1983)
    • B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea (Feb.1981)



    Jan.1986 – July 1990: Japanese Government Scholarship Student
    (MUNBUSHO: Ministry of Education in Japan)

    Invited Talk at OLED International Conference & Patents

    Over 35 articles published, frequently invited speaker at OLED International Conference

    • Including “SID 2012 Keynote Speech, June 4th ~ 8th, Boston USA”
    • More than 70 patents have been granted: OLED, LCD, FED and semiconductor technology


    China Government “1000 Talent Plan"  

    China Government Expert of “ 1000 Talents Plan”

    SID China

    SID 北京分会专业技术委员会委员
    Society for Information Display (SID) Beijing Chapter Technical Committee

    Language Skills

    • English, Japanese, Korean are all in professional level of speaking, writing and reading
    • Executed as a real time translator in several major contract negotiation and executive meetings
  • Shuenn-Jiun Tang, PhD

    VP Business Development Ignis Innovation Inc.

    SJ has been working for 10 years at Ignis Innovation Inc. He received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from National Taiwan University in 1999. SJ has been actively involved in the OLED industry for the past 20 years, and brings expertise in AMOLED design and manufacturing processes. He led and achieved various AMOLED prototyping projects during his work at Chuang-Hwa Picture Tubes (CPT) in Taiwan as Technical Director for AMOLED technology.

  • Dr. Werner Thomas

    Project Manager – OLED Lighting Audi AG Germany

    Werner Thomas is project manager for OLED lighting at Audi. He is responsible for technology development, integration of OLED lighting in series projects as well as for the AUDI OLED lighting strategy. From 2007-2012 he was working with the Electrical Power Processing group at the Delft University of Technology for power electronics in LED lighting systems. Since 2012, he is responsible for OLED lighting at AUDI. He was responsible project manager for the introduction of OLED lighting in the first volume series production cars at AUDI, with the AUDI TT RS in 2016 followed by the AUDI A8 in 2017.