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Intel Interview: Edge Intelligent Displays & PC Innovation


Why have you decided to present at the 2022 OLEDs World Summit?

2022 OLEDs World Summit is great platform wherein leadership team from across the globe including large and small start-ups gather to shape the vision & strategy for the display industry. I believe it’s a great platform to influence the direction and share the work what we are doing to our partners. 

Your presentation is titled " “Edge Intelligent Displays & PC Innovation” can you tell us why you felt this topic should be shared with the OLEDs World Summit and Phosphors and Quantum Dots Industry Forum audiences?

Display is becoming the centerpiece device for the user experience. It’s also getting smarter with lots of intelligence building at the edge in the distributed computing world – aka IoT. We (Intel) have been lot of work around the platform innovation to make displays drive smarter with our software, AI intelligent frameworks, vision capabilities, etc. This led us to best in class battery life and visual performance, key purchasing criterion for users to buy new PCs. I believe this will be useful learning for display community. 

What innovation do you hope to see in display applications over the next few years and how is Intel working toward these ?

We see emergence of smarter display devices, distributed computing driving more intelligence at the edge to create smarter and power efficient displays. At Intel, we look at these problems very closely as part of the platform leadership solutions for our customers. 

What industry barriers/challenges exist, technical or otherwise, that prevent progress? How does this event help to address those challenges?

We need ecosystem partners, software developers, risk taking customers to come together to accelerate the pace of the innovation. 

With advancements in other display technologies such as MicroLEDs and Quantum Dots etc. what actions do you think the OLED industry needs to take to remain competitive?

Embrace the pace of innovation. OLED is disrupting the LCD industry. Micro-LEDs is mostly likely next. 

What are some of the most interesting and/or innovative solutions that are impacting your work at this time?

Distributed computing at the edge and how can display benefit out of that 4th generation of industry revolution is keeping me excited about the opportunities to come in future years. 

What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

Networking and learning more from other presenters.