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Walking in OLEDs World Summit 2023 with LG Display

Ahead of this October's OLEDs World Summit, we spoke with Chanil Park, Senior Research Engineer, Stretchable Task Leader at LG Display , to get a sneak peek of what we can expect from his presentation. Here's what he had to say...

  1. Chanil, You will share the latest information on Stretchable display this year, Can you give us a snapshot of what delegates will hear?
Over the past few years, information display has developed remarkably taking on various forms and new appearances. Among them, flexible display has received significant attention due to its applications such as curved, bendable, foldable, and rollable display. However, the currently developed flexible displays have limitations in implementing design-free, because they can only be deformed in specific positions or directions. For the realization of true design-free as the ultimate display, a stretchable display technology is needed that is not only resilient but also capable of stretching and transforming into various forms without easily breaking.
This presentation will discuss the principal approaches and technical challenges to realize a commercially viable stretchable display.
  1. Can you tell us a bit more about what LGD has been working on?
LG Display is pushing the boundaries of display technology with its next-generation concepts. The company is showcasing the highly anticipated 12-inch Stretchable display, which is poised to become the future of displays, for the first time to the public during SID 2023.

The Stretchable display is equipped with outstanding free-form technology that enables it to be extended, folded and twisted without distortion or damage. The company’s Stretchable display is the first stretchable panel to implement a high resolution of 100ppi (pixels per inch) and boast full-color RGB, while the highly flexible Stretchable display can be stretched up to 14 inches in any direction with its 20% stretchability. Alongside Stretchable display’s thin, lightweight design, it offers versatility for various daily scenarios, such as being easily attachable to curved surfaces like skin, clothing, furniture, automobiles and aircraft.

You can find more details on LGD newsroom: [SID 2023] Zone 3. Beyond Display - LG Display Newsroom