Who Will You Hear From This September?

  • Junji Adachi

    CEO Kyulux Inc.

    Junji Adachi, CEO, Kyulux Inc.– Experienced engineer and manager with 30+ years of experience in industry commercializing fuel cell organic photovoltaic and OLED materials at Panasonic.  Extensive experience incubating and collaborating with nanomaterials startups,  B.S. Osaka University, Visiting Researcher, M.I.T., Professional Engineer JPN (MOT, ICT)

  • J. Chris Beckman

    Technical Lead Engineer Boeing Commercial Aircraft

    J. Chris Beckman serves as a Lead Lighting Engineer for Boeing Commercial Aircraft and is the equipment manager for 787 Interior Cabin Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Passenger Information Signs, and Electronic Dimmable Windows.  He currently is the Boeing Designated Expert (BDE) for photobiology and chronobiology.  He leads the lighting team strategy for revenue, leads the Boeing enterprise strategy for photobiology and chronobiology, is an engineering liaison with Boeing Product Development and Marketing groups, and works with Boeing supply base and airline customers from around the world to provide needed and desired products.

    Prior to this role, Beckman worked in France helping manage Boeing seat suppliers to perform testing qualification on seats and their electronic systems, aircraft 16g seat dynamic crash testing and for Head Impact Criteria (HIC), and has also worked for the FAA performing qualification testing for electronic and actuation systems.  He is a member of the Illuminance Engineering Society (IES) and of the Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE) and has contributed to SAE Aerospace Recommended Practices (ARPs). He has submitted, or is working on, twelve patents related to aerospace lighting. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling around beautiful Western Washington.

    B.S. Colorado State University

  • Clive Beech

    Micro-LED Applications Director Plessey Semiconductors Limited

    Clive Beech is the micro-LED Applications Director at Plessey located in Plymouth, UK.  As a Chartered Physicist, Beech has built 40 years’ experience in silicon-based semiconductor device physics and process architecture in the areas of Research, Development, Design, Characterisation, Wafer-level Reliability and Radiation Tolerance.  He has worked on advanced digital and mixed signal sub-micron CMOS technology, embedded EEPROM and Flash memory and, most recently, on Plessey’s GaN on Silicon LED platform and its application in the micro-LED display field.

  • Kyung Cheol CHOI, Ph.D.

    Professor, School of Engineering KAIST

    “Kyung Cheol CHOI”, Ph.D. has been professor at KAIST since 2005. He had been in charge of Center for Advanced Flexible Display Convergence supported by Korea Research Foundation from 2007 to 2016, and he has been in charge of LG Display-KAIST cooperation center since 2010.

    Prof. Choi received a PhD degree in display field from Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea. He has been involved in display R&D at industries and universities for more than 25 years. His main research field includes flexible and wearable OLEDs.

  • Myungwoon Choi, Ph.D.

    Senior Managing Director, System Business Division YAS (Your Artistic Solution) Co.

    Myungwoon Choi, Ph.D., is Senior Managing Director of YAS (2018 ~). Prior to his current role, Myungwoon was active in the development of the World's 1st OLED TV Mass Production system (2013) and a large-scale glass handling tool (2006).

    He received his Ph.D. in Science (a study on the device characteristics depending on the interface conditions in OLED, Physics) (2004) and has been Development Team Leader of YAS since 2002.

  • Dr. Neetu Chopra

    Director, Applications Management Kateeva, Inc.

    Dr. Neetu Chopra leads Kateeva’s applications management team focused on developing application solutions for displays via inkjet printing. Previously, she managed the pixel printing program and helped bring the company’s YIELDjet inkjet technology solution to market. Before Kateeva, Dr. Chopra was a scientist at Plextronics (now Solvay). She managed the device science and physics group and helped develop the company’s Plexcore® product.

    Dr. Chopra holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Polymer Science and Chemical Technology from Delhi College of Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida at Gainesville. She is a member of the Society of Information Displays (SID) and the International Society of Optics and Photonics (SPIE). She has authored 20+ publications in top journals, with 1000+ citations, 8 patent applications and 40+ conference presentations.

  • David K.T. Chu, Ph.D.


    David K.T. Chu, Ph.D., leads a group of technology pioneers and experts from various fields and disciplines. His work focuses on the development and accumulation of core knowledge in display related areas, while pushing the collaborative ecosystem with open arms.

    2016: Founder, Chairman and CEO of INT
    2012: CEO and Board Member of EDO, a leading AMOLED manufacturer in China
    2006: CEO of Dupont Apollo (HK) Ltd. a thin-film photovoltaic panel and solution provider
    2004: CEO of Topoly, a leading manufacturer in LTPS displays
    1999: VP and GM of the information display BU, AUO, and Executive team member for its IPO on NYSE
    1996: On assignment as a regional product manager in Singapore from DuPont
    1990: Ph.D. in electronic engineering, Delaware University, Dover, Delaware (USA)
    1987: Corporate products marketing project manager, DuPont

  • Dr. Mike Hack

    VP of Business Development Universal Display Corporation

    Dr. Michael Hack, is Vice-President of Business Development at Universal Display Corporation.  He is responsible for developing and commercializing advanced high efficiency next generation OLED products, with a special focus on flexible display applications and solid-state lighting.  Prior to joining UDC in 1999, he was associated with dpiX, a Xerox Company, where he was responsible for manufacturing flat panel displays and digital medical imaging products based on amorphous silicon TFT technology.   Dr. Hack received his Ph. D. degree from Cambridge University, England in 1981 and in 2007 Dr. Hack was elected a Fellow of the Society for Information Display. In 2014 Dr. Hack was nominated to serve on the board of the U.S. OLED Lighting Coalition to promote the advancement and commercialization of OLED lighting.

  • Dr. Andreas Haldi

    Chief Marketing Officer CYNORA

    Dr. Andreas Haldi received a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland and a Ph.D in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA). From there, Andreas accepted a position as Customer Project Manager in R&D at Novaled in Dresden (Germany) before opening an office for Novaled in Seoul (South Korea) as Customer Support Manager. Andreas Haldi joined CYNORA in August 2016 to lead the promotion and sales activities of CYNORA´s products.

  • Paul Herro

    Chief Operating Officer Healthe

    As a VP Product Management and Corporate Development executive, I am known for identifying and creating new products, business units and revenue streams to achieve consistent growth from start-up to launch. I have been a part of 12 mergers and acquisitions and launched more than 15 new healthcare and technology products that have generated more than a half billion dollars annually at their peak.

    As the Chief Operating Officer for an early stage company, Healthe, I am responsible for all operations including R&D, Product Marketing and Finance. I have established manufacturing partners, negotiated supply agreements, established strategic relationships and new business partnerships and established all business financial modeling. I also support the activities for raising financial investment.

    Previously as the General Manager and Dir of Corporate Development at Carestream Health, an optical film business for consumer electronics, I established the business model to gain a $75M investment, changed a legacy culture and launched and grew a global business.

    With a degree in engineering and classically trained in product marketing with GE Healthcare, I led strategic IT product integration of GE acquisitions of Micro Medical Systems, Marquette Electronics and Vingmed Ultrasound to establish CentricityTM Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS).

    I grew up in a small town in WI where we learned the value of hard work, humility, and honesty. This foundation was significantly developed professionally at GE Healthcare where “integrity” meant delivering on commitments, hard work (with results) was rewarded, and smart innovation was fostered.

  • Jupiter (Je Ping) Hu, Ph.D.

    Deputy General Director Electronic and Optoelectronic System Laboratories, ITRI

    Je Ping Hu received his Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering from the National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, in 1997. Then, he joined ITRI. He has been forcusing on the area of printed and flexible electronics area for over 20 years. His research and development  efforts have led to the foundation of  three start-up companies spun out from ITRI. He became the director of the flexible electronics division in 2008.  In 2015, he was promoted to the position of the deputy general director of the electronic and optoelectronic system research lab (EOSL).

    He has been a steering committee member of ICFPE (International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics) since 2009, and is currently organizing the 2019 ICFPE in Taiwan. He was runner-up of the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in 2010. Furthermore, he was awarded the title of “Outstanding Engineer” by the Chinese Institute of Engineers in 2013 and received the “National Industrial Innovation Award” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan in 2017. Meanwhile, he also won a “Technical Management Award” from the Chinese Society for Management of Technology.

    In recent years, he was able to set up a a roll-to-roll line for pilot scale production at ITRI, the purpose of which is to support innovative research and development in the area of organic lighting emitting diodes (OLED) lighting.

    Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is one of the world’s leading technology R&D institutions aiming to innovate a better future for society. Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan's industries from labor-intensive into innovation-driven. It focuses on the fields of Smart Living, Quality Health, and Sustainable Environment. Over the years, ITRI has incubated over 270 innovative companies, including well-known names such as UMC and TSMC. In addition to its headquarters in Taiwan, ITRI has branch offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan in an effort to extend its R&D scope and promote opportunities for international cooperation around the world. 

  • Kwang-Jin Kim

    VP/Leader of OLED Space Project LG Display

    Currently serving as the Leader of "OLED Space Project" at LG Display, Kwang-Jin Kim has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing and his in-depth knowledge and expertise have helped the company build strong relationships with various customers. He started his career at Gold Star (former LG Electronics) in 1994 where he was involved in the overseas sales of computer monitors and joined LG Electronics US Office in 1999.

    Upon joining LG Display in 2001, he held position at Strategy Team and in 2008, he moved to LG Display Los Angeles office, as Senior Manager of TV Sales Team, with the goal to expand the LCD TV sales in the US. This role took him around the world and allowed him to acquire extensive global sales experience and expertise.

    From 2013, he became in charge of sales and marketing of the world’s first OLED TV panel, responsible for OLED TV line-up of all globally renowned TV brands. Having become Vice President in 2016, he was recently given a new mission, leading LG Display’s special task force team for global promotion, to create new values for customers and consumers with OLED technology.

  • Dr. Yohan Kim

    R&D Engineer, EL-QLEDs Fraunhofer IAP

    Dr. Yohan Kim joined Fraunhofer IAP in 2014 where he is working on quantum dot material development, studying device physics and working on the fabrication and optimization of quantum dot light-emitting diodes (QLEDs). He has been working hard on the development of efficient and stable Cd-free EL-QLEDs in order to bring them in the display market.

    He received a master of engineering degree from the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Dankook University, Korea in 2012 while he was doing research on developing flexible and transparent QLEDs at Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI). While he was working on Fraunhofer IAP, he received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Berlin in 2018, with a dissertation on “Design of high performance InP-based QLEDs”.

  • Dr. Ruiqing Ma

    Director of Device Development Nanosys Inc.

    Dr. Ruiqing Ma, is Director of Device Development at Nanosys Inc. Prior to joining Nanosys, he was the Director of Flexible OLED Displays at Universal Display Corporation, and a Senior Research Scientist at Corning Incorporated. Dr. Ma received his Ph. D. degree from the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University in 2000. He has over 80 publications and conference presentations, and over 100 US patents and patent applications in the fields of LCD, OLED and Quantum Dot displays. He is a member of the SID Executive Program Committee, and serves as a Guest Editor for Information Display.

  • Siebe van Mensfoort, PhD

    Co-Founder and CEO Simbeyond B.V.

    Siebe van Mensfoort is co-founder and CEO of Simbeyond B.V., a company specialized in molecular-scale software tools for efficiently developing new OLED stacks and materials. In 2009, he obtained his PhD on experiments and modeling of blue solution-processed OLEDs at Philips Research. Before joining Simbeyond, he has worked as Project Manager at Philips Lighting, as Management Consultant at A.T. Kearney and as Business Developer at Prodrive Technologies.

  • Mike Molaire

    Founder & CEO Molecular Glasses

    Michel (Mike) Molaire, founder and CEO of Molecular Glasses, has 40 years of interdisciplinary experience spanning materials research, process development, intellectual property expertise, technology transfer, project leadership, sales, business analysis and planning. In addition to 62 U.S. patents, he holds over 120 international patents. He has received the Kodak C.E.K. Mees Award for excellence in scientific research and reporting, as well as membership in Kodak’s Distinguished Inventors Gallery, and an African Scientific Institute Fellowship. A Senior Research Associate at the Eastman Kodak Company until 2010, he served on the board of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T) and the Rochester Professional Consultant Network (RPCN) for several years. A graduate of the University of Rochester, he holds a B.S. in chemistry, M.S. in polymer science and an MBA. 

  • Peter Palomaki, Ph.D.

    CTO and Acting CEO QLEDCures

    Peter Palomaki is the CTO and Acting CEO of QLEDCures, an NSF-funded startup commercializing quantum dot LEDs for the photomedical field. Peter's leverages his deep technical background in quantum dot and optical materials to adopt display materials to the emerging market of photomedicine. Peter has been a scientist at multiple startups and is a recognized thought-leader and consultant in the field of quantum dot technology.

  • Kunjal Parikh

    Director of Product Strategy, Emerging Technologies, Principal Engineer Intel Corporation

    Kunjal Parikh is Director of Product Strategy, Emerging Technologies, and Principal Engineer at Intel with background in Displays, Sensors, Touch and Human Interface Technologies. Kunjal is responsible for developing the company’s technology roadmap of key user experience critical hardware components - overseeing engineering, commercial, supply chain - and delivering strategic pipeline of investment portfolio towards differentiation and competitive advantage to Intel multi-billion dollar strategic customer accounts.

    Prior to Intel, Kunjal worked at HP, start-ups and Samsung as part of first AMOLED R&D team in South Korea. Kunjal has over 50+ patents filed and 30+ industry wide publications and been in executive committee of leading industry forums and standard bodies.

  • Giana Phelan

    Director, OLED UX OLEDWorks LLC

    As Director, OLED UX, Ms. Phelan works with creative clients across multiple industries for OLED integrated solutions.  She has 30 years’ experience in developing and commercializing complex microelectronic systems including solid-state lighting, MEMS, microelectronic packaging and nanophotonics applications.  Ms. Phelan is a board member of the OLED Coalition.  She holds MS degrees in both Chemical Engineering and Product Development.

  • Jamal Smith

    Business Unit Leader Peerless Lighting

    Mr. Smith got his start in the lighting industry with the medical device manufacturer Welch-Allyn.  He worked at their central NY facility inspecting and testing reflectors for medical devices.  Jamal then spent 12 years working for Hubbell lighting in engineering and product management for a number of their commercial and architectural indoor brands. Most recently he joined Acuity Brands in the summer of 2018 where he took on the role of Business Unit Leader for Peerless lighting.  In addition to his 17 years in lighting, Jamal holds a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and a BS in International Business.

  • Dr. Norihiko Tanaka

    Head of Technical Marketing, OLED Display Solutions EMD Performance Materials

    Norihiko Tanaka was appointed into his current roles in Merck Performance Materials Ltd. (Japan) on April 1, 2018. He gained Doctoral degree of Engineering majored in liquid crystal physics in March, 2006 from Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan. After joining Merck Ltd., Japan in April, 2006, he obtained deeper technical understanding of LC mixture, panel & manufacturing process as well as working in global environment, then gained the experience in Technical Business Development in OLED technology and Technical Marketing. Based in Japan, he is currently leading the global technical marketing team in OLED field. During his time with Merck he has worked and lived in Germany for three years as expatriate.

    2018 - Present Head of Technical Marketing OLED, Display Solutions, Merck Performance Materials Ltd. (Japan)

    2017-2018  Manager, Business Development OLED Japan, Merck Performance Materials Ltd. (Japan)

    2013-2017  Manager, Technical Business Development, OLED, Merck Ltd., Japan

    2010-2012  Long term assignment to Merck KGaA as Research Scientist, PM-D

    2006-2009  Joined Merck Ltd., Japan and worked for LC mixture development as R&D, PM-D

    External membership

    2012- German-Japanese Young Leaders Forum member

  • Shuenn-Jiun Tang, PhD

    VP Business Development Ignis Innovation Inc.

    SJ has been working for 10 years at Ignis Innovation Inc. He received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from National Taiwan University in 1999. SJ has been actively involved in the OLED industry for the past 20 years, and brings expertise in AMOLED design and manufacturing processes. He led and achieved various AMOLED prototyping projects during his work at Chuang-Hwa Picture Tubes (CPT) in Taiwan as Technical Director for AMOLED technology.

  • Thomas S. Teets, Ph.D.

    Professor University of Houston, Department of Chemistry

    Tom Teets is a native of Ohio, born in Lorain and raised in nearby Amherst. He completed his undergraduate studies at Case Western Reserve University in 2007, receiving a B.S. in chemistry and performing undergraduate research in the lab of Professor Thomas Gray. He received his Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry in 2012 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where we worked with Professor Daniel Nocera and was the recipient of a graduate research fellowship from the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation. Tom completed postdoctoral studies at the California Institute of Technology, working under the guidance of Professor John Bercaw and Dr. Jay Labinger. In 2014 he began his career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Houston. His research group works in the areas of synthetic and physical inorganic chemistry, primarily studying ligand design strategies to control the photophysical and photochemical properties of organometallic triplet emitters. Recent awards include a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation (2019), and the John C. Butler Excellence in Teaching Award from the University of Houston College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

  • Dr. Werner Thomas

    Project Manager – OLED Lighting Audi AG Germany

    Werner Thomas is project manager for OLED lighting at Audi. He is responsible for technology development, integration of OLED lighting in series projects as well as for the AUDI OLED lighting strategy. From 2007-2012 he was working with the Electrical Power Processing group at the Delft University of Technology for power electronics in LED lighting systems. Since 2012, he is responsible for OLED lighting at AUDI. He was responsible project manager for the introduction of OLED lighting in the first volume series production cars at AUDI, with the AUDI TT RS in 2016 followed by the AUDI A8 in 2017.

  • Kiarash Vakhshouri, PhD

    Reliability Lead Google Inc

    Kiarash obtained his PhD from Pennsylvania State University in the field of flexible and organic electronics and since then he had held multiple roles in industry for developing new materials and processes for display application and consumer electronics. Currently Kiarash is leading reliability testing and development for new hardware technologies.

  • Takeshi Yamada

    Manager, Polymer OLED Material Development Group Sumitomo Chemical Co.

    Takeshi Yamada graduated from Kyoto University and obtained his master's degree of polymer science in 1992. In that same year, he entered in Sumitomo Chemical., Co. Ltd and belonged to the  Petrochemical R&D team. After gaining10 years of experience with petrochemical, Takeshi moved to the polymer OLED material development division in Tsukuba laboratory in 2002. From there, Takeshi was involved in several experiences for the merger of Dow’s OLED and CDT’s acquisition before becoming a project manager of OLED material at Sumitomo in 2008. 

    Since 2010, he has worked to build and maintain close relationships with several customers for the development of soluble-OLED display panels, and most recently moved to Sumitomo's Tokyo Head-office and became a general manager of the OLED business planning office.


    • Polymer thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, polymer physics.
    • Organic electronics, OLED.
  • Ross Young

    Founder and CEO DSCC

    Ross Young is the founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), a leading display market research, consulting and events firm. Prior to DSCC, Ross was SVP of Displays, LEDs, Lighting and PV at IMS Research after the firm acquired his market research business Young Market Research (YMR). Prior to YMR, Ross was VP of New Market Creation at Samsung LCD where he reported to the CEO. From 1996 - 2008, Young started, ran and sold DisplaySearch, the leading source of market intelligence, events and consulting to the flat panel display supply chain. At DisplaySearch, Young launched most of the categories and reports for the company including FPD equipment, FPD materials, TFT LCD shipments and technology, notebook PCs, desktop monitors, TVs, sell-through and more. Ross pioneered coverage in each layer of the display supply chain and was the only analyst to cover the entire display supply chain at DisplaySearch. With less than $500 in capital, he grew the company to over $10M in revenues during his tenure. Young sold DisplaySearch to The NPD Group in 2005 matching DisplaySearch's sell-in business with NPD's sell through and consumer data providing new insights to customers. Ross has a passion for helping companies and has held Board positions at Akhan Technologies, Illumitex, UniPixel and Westar and is currently on the Advisory Board of NanoPhotonica.

  • Ze Yuan, Ph.D.

    R&D director of Advanced Technology Development Royole Corporation

    Ze Yuan is with Royole Corporation, a startup company focusing on flexible electronics technologies and consumer products. He is the R&D director of Advanced Technology Development group at Royole where he is responsible for the company’s efforts on display panel design and technology development of flexible displays and sensors in support of consumer product innovations. He also manages the Frontier Research Center, responsible for delivering the next-node technology development and new technology sourcing.

    Ze has published more than thirty peer-reviewed papers/conference presentations in the field of semiconductor devices and display technologies covering process, device, modeling, and materials, etc. He also holds a portfolio of patents on flexible display technologies and is an active reviewer for several academic societies.

    Ze Yuan received Engineering degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering, with minor in Material Science and Engineering from Stanford University, Stanford, CA USA.