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OLEDs World Summit

UBI Research is providing stereoscopic solution to satisfy the needs of various customers based on the specialized industry research know-how with 15 years consulting experience in OLED. The main services are Industry report, Consulting service, International conference and seminar and OLEDNET. OLED Reports are designed for the in-depth understanding of the whole OLED industry including market forecast, the competitive and supply chain analysis and the investment. UBI’s consulting service provides solutions for the proposed business, R&D & new investment strategy with extensive knowledge and experience of OLED. The customized report contains the recent data and the analysis through intense research for each customer and this is conducted with intensive discussion and understanding. UBI Research is also organizing and hosting International events throughout the year with the goal for the growth of the industry, and also to gather all experts and businesses for open discussion and networking. OLEDNET from 2003 is the media specialized in OLED, and is contributing and leading the growth of OLED industry together with UBI Research. OLEDNET is aiming to be the navigator for companies, institutes and all the related players in the industry. Learn more at http://www.ubiresearch.com/