OLEDs World Summit

APEVA SE is a newly founded company with focus on the display industry. We are offering OLED Display manufacturing lines based on OVPD® (Organic Vapor Phase Deposition) technology. OVPD® enables the fabrication of higher quality OLED displays with significantly lower overall production cost.

APEVA is a fully owned subsidiary of AIXTRON SE. All OVPD® and PVPD™ (Polymer Vapor Phase Deposition) activities have been transferred into the separate legal entity, APEVA SE from AIXTRON SE on October 1st, 2017. With the setup of an independent company we are closer to the customers of the display industry, thereby gaining speed and efficiency.

For the deposition of organic thin films in the field of OLEDs and organic electronics, APEVA offers two core technologies for mass production and R&D. The deposition technology is based on proprietary material source and showerhead technology:

1.       OVPD® (Organic Vapor Phase Deposition) enables the carrier gas enhanced deposition of organic small molecules for OLEDs for Display and Lighting Applications. OVPD® enables the fabrication of higher quality OLED devices with significant lower overall production cost.

2.       PVPD™ (Polymer Vapor Phase Deposition) provides a solution for carrier gas enhanced deposition of functional polymer thin films.

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