OLEDs World Summit

MBRAUN is regarded as one of the leading companies providing solutions for applications under protective gas atmosphere. With the help of these solutions, materials, products and processes that are affected by the influence of air can be developed and produced under certain defined conditions. The fields of application range from pharmaceutical applications and catalysis technologies to bonding techniques and semiconductor technology. Especially in the field equipment for OLED, MBRAUN belongs to the pioneers and has played an instrumental role in OLED research and manufacturing with its technology solutions. The product range of MBRAUN includes laboratory equipment for vacuum and wet chemical coating, handling solutions for the substrate transport in pilot and production systems, surface cleaning processes and encapsulating technology. For the latter, MBRAUN has developed special inert gas cluster solutions for thin-film encapsulation (TFE) of microdisplays on CMOS wafers, which have been successfully used for many years at production scale. The technical concepts are topped off by highly efficient cleaning systems, which enable almost particle-free production conditions even at industrial scale. Together with other companies, MBRAUN has managed to design and sell several systems over the years, which offered customers a coherent solution.