Molecular Glasses

OLEDs World Summit

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Molecular Glasses has created a new class of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) materials. OLEDs are broadly used in cell phone displays and are beginning to penetrate larger format display applications including tablets, computers, televisions, and automotive (both display and lighting). Molecular Glasses is poised to capture a meaningful share of the rapidly growing $4 billion OLED materials market via the introduction of OLEDIQ™, the company’s patented, novel class of OLED materials. Molecular Glasses is driven by the vision of “Making OLED Materials Matter”. Our core competency is in research and development and we will focus our efforts on the continued development and international patenting of novel OLED materials. Innovation will always be the key to our success.

Today, OLED industry challenges include efficiency, lifetime, and cost. OLEDIQ™ directly addresses these challenges by enabling lower energy consumption (less frequent cell phone charging), longer device lifetimes, and a lower cost manufacturing process. Molecular Glasses has developed a revolutionary, patented class of OLED materials that have a soluble, non-crystallizable, small molecule structure. These unique properties will allow manufacturers to make displays that utilize 40% less power while increasing light output by 30%, device lifetime by 100%, and manufacturing yields by 15%. Importantly, OLEDIQ™ materials can be used in both the existing thermal deposition and emerging low-cost solution printing manufacturing processes enabling the mass market adoption of OLED TVs and other large format displays.