SAES Group

OLEDs World Summit

SAES Group is an advanced materials company, world leader in the supply of functional metals and functional polymers for a wide range of applications, from Consumer Electronics to Scientific and Research Systems, Lighting, Automotive, Medical and Telecommunications among others. SAES products and know-how are focused on gas-solid interactions and gettering, release of high purity vapours, shape memory and superelastic materials and addition of specialized functionalities to polymer systems.

SAES Functional Chemicals BU provides a very large portfolio of active edge sealants, active transparent fillers, dispensable getters for Organic Electronics, Photonics, Medical Devices and many other high tech applications. These products come as the result of our deep know-how in functional polymer composites, and they are specially tailored to address customers’ specific device designs and processes. Leveraging on our functional chemicals technology, we have been able to develop solventless formulations, with water sorption capacities exceeding 15 percent in weight and very high flexibility and adhesion for fully bendable devices. Our products can be applied via blading, syringe, ink-jetting, ODF and even be employed in thin film encapsulation structures, to make them simpler and more reliable.

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