Interested in presenting at OLEDs 2020?

Now accepting abstract submissions for consideration to speak in 2020. 

If you would like to present to the entire lighting and display supply chain, at the only event that provides a comprehensive view of the current OLED market, innovations for the future, as well as competing and emergent technologies, then we invite you to submit your abstract today! 

This year's topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • OLED Research & Technology - all related areas
  • Emergent Applications - medical, biomedical, automotive, etc.
  • New Use Cases & Proposed OLED Solutions - what problems can be solved by OLED technology?
  • Latest Developments in OLED Manufacturing 
  • Flexible and Foldable Enablers
  • Innovations in OLED materials 

We invite you to submit your abstract for consideration via the form below!

Abstract Deadline Extended through Friday - May 21, 2020

If you have any questions about speaking in 2020, please email Ashli Speed via

2020 OLEDs World Summit Abstract Form

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