Sheding light on new OLED lighting applications

With new applications emerging with OLED lighting, Smithers Apex recently spoke with Dave DeJoy, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of OLEDWorks to get further details on his presentation at the OLEDs World Summit.

Smithers Apex: How did you become first involved with OLED lighting applications?

Dave DeJoy: I was fortunate to meet Dr. Michael Boroson and Dr. John Hamer when they were first doing OLED technology consulting and R&D.  It became apparent that they had the vision and expertise to do something much more impactful – OLED lighting manufacturing.  Working together, we executed a plan to bring affordable, efficient and beautiful light panels to market.


Smithers Apex: In your opinion what are some of the obstacles facing the commercialization of OLEDs?


Dave Dejoy: Probably the most significant obstacle is the fundamental knowledge, awareness and perception of OLEDs as a lighting source.  OLED lighting panels now have excellent performance and the costs are declining quickly.  Nevertheless, decision makers from architects to specifiers to contractors and to the luminaire manufacturers must become educated on the light quality and performance and make investments to integrate OLED into their products and spaces.  Price is also an obstacle, but as I said, the panel cost and total fixture cost (as there are far less components needed in an OLED luminaire than in LED or conventional technology) are becoming competitive.

Smithers Apex:What is the greatest advancement you’ve seen in the OLEDs industry?

Dave DeJoy: Two things stand out.  First, the performance of the OLED lighting panels ranging from efficiency to lifetimes to white color temperature is very impressive.  The requirements for lighting are very demanding in comparison with OLED display – 40,000 hours at functional brightness and delivered lumens at over 60 lumens/watt.  Second, the industry wide achievements including producing OLED lighting to scale affordably  and increasing investment on integration of OLED into fixtures and other final products.

Smithers Apex: What are you looking forward to hearing at the OLEDs World Summit 2015?

Dave DeJoy: I am looking forward to hearing more of a global perspective on the advancements made including drivers and OLED integration and the perception of the gaps that remain to meet the DOE SSL goals.