LG Display partners with Chinese TV makers

OLEDs experts alike can acknowledge price as a major hurdle for consumers who are looking to purchase OLED TVs.  Many shy away from the nearly $5,000 price tag!   However, Korean media sources recently dropped hints that LG Display is preparing memorandums of understanding with leading Chinese OLED TV manufactures such as Skyworth, Konka, TCL. LG Display will supply these companies with OLED panels from its manufacturing plants at a reduced cost, potentially incurring a loss.  LG Display incurring a loss doesn’t only affect their bottom line but their suppliers such as Universal Display as well.  Universal Display provides OLED emitters to LG for use in the panel displays. What does this mean for partners like Universal Display?  What does this mean for LG Display?

Dr. Sand Beom Han, CEO and President of  LG Display said, "We are now living in an era of displays. Through displays we share informaiton. Through displays we communicate. We want OLED to be the revolution of light that opens up the future we all want to live in. OLEDs are the only technology that overcomes the limitations of convential displays becuase it offers enhanced reality combined with dynamic form."

Additionally, LG Display will reallocate $8.5 billion from LCD to OLED manufacturing divison in the next three years.  By redistributing funds, LG Display is geared to increase production yields to meet the forecasted demands of their Chinese counterparts.  LG Displays is hoping that this initially sour deal will provide a lucrative profit in the future by decreasing the price for consumers.  Read the full article here.


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