Lighting Designer, Leslie North utilizies OLEDs in home office

The 17th annual OLEDs World Summit will feature a presentation from Leslie North, IALD, PE, LE, LEED AP, Principal of Auora Lighting and Design, Inc. Leslie is a architectural  lighting designer with special expertise in corporate, institutional and sutainable design issues. Her many years in  lighting desing include mulitple design awards.  In addition, she has worked on many notable commerical and institutional projects such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Ford Center for Performaing Arts-Oriental Theatre, RIA Science Center for Argonne National Laboaratories and O'Hare International Airport.  Recently,  Leslie was faced with a personal lighting issue in her home office. The office featues a beautiful picture window that offers lots of natural light and honey colored wood paneling. North was looking for something that enhanced the office.  She tried CFL lamps and then LED lamps from a variety of manufacturers, however they didn't achieve the aesthetic that she desired.  Smithers Apex recently spoke with Leslie North about her home office lighting case-study.

Smithers Apex: How did you hear about OLED lighting?

Leslie North :  I heard of OLEDs several years ago and was curious, but didn't think it was really ready for prime time yet. Our clients owner base is an ecletic mix; some are leading, even bleeding, edge ready and some are quite conservative. So for us to be able to recoomend OLED as a solution to them, we needed first to be sure we could also stand behind it.  One of the biggest challenges for full-scal adoption, of coures is market-accetable price point.


Smithers Apex: How did you decide to use OLED lighting?

Leslie North: As a lighting designer, we're always looking for the best fit for our clients. This means that in addition to a table topping products, we're also trying out new offering at the office and in our homes. The people closest to you, employees and family members, aren't shy about letting you konw what they don't like. Our client owner base isecelctic mix; some are leading ,even bleeding, edger read and some are quite conversative. So for us to be able to reccommend OLED as a solution to the them, we needed first to be sure we could also stand behind it. This time, the vetting was cirtically peraonls in that we'vae changed out the lighting in our workspace to OLEDs, and have been working happily under them for almost a year now.

Read Leslie's case study here.