Exclusive Interview with Timo Kunkel of Dolby Labs, Inc.

Smithers Apex recently spoke with Timo Kunkel of Dolby Labs, Inc ahead of his keynote presentation Efficient and Compelling High Dynamic Range Imaging, to gain insights on his presentation and the OLEDs World Summit.

How did you first become involved with OLEDs/OLEDs research? What interested you the most about OLEDs? 

I started looking into this field in 2008 when the first consumer OLED displays were released.  Since then, I have been following the OLED development with close interest as this technology provides properties that are very desirable for HDR and wide color gamut display.


Tell us about compelling High Dynamic Range Imaging? How does this technology impact the viewing experience for customer?

We have seen the increase of resolution with UHD displays as well as higher frame rate going beyond the typical 24 fps in cinema and 60fps with video applications. The third important element in next generation viewing experiences are displays with high dynamic range technology: It allows deep blacks as well as perceptually compelling renderings of emissive light sources and highlight reflections which has not been possible beforehand using traditional lower dynamic range imaging systems. Therefore, it increases the realism of the images and how we perceive material properties depicted in the image. If you have seen HDR display systems you likely don’t want to go back.


What is the greatest advancement you’ve seen in the OLEDs field?

I can see a steady increase in maximum luminance levels, pixel pitch and screen size. Also, OLEDs have had a problem with ‘giant steps’ near the black level, and that newer techniques are being developed to lessen this problem. All those aspects are important to manifest OLED as a great display technology, both in the consumer and professional domain.


What can OLED attendees expect to hear about during your presentation?

I’m discussing the physical and perceptual elements of an HDR imaging pipeline that should be considered to achieve both perceptually pleasing and economically viable results.


What excites you the most about the OLEDs World Summit 2016?

I’m looking forward to seeing the latest research in OLED technology and to talk to all the experts in the field. It will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues and make new friends.