How will the OLEDs World Summit aid in overcoming challenges currently faced in today's market?

Dr. Kris Krishnamurthy, globally recognized scientist with over 20 years in the OLEDs industry shares his thoughts why the OLEDs World Summit 2017 is the place to prepare for the future of OLEDs development.

As a advisory board member for this year's OLEDs World Summit, Dr. Kris Krishnamurthy recently spoke with the Smithers Apex team and shared why this year's Summit is a must attend for not only the industry, but why it's so important for the OLED market.

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Why do you think OLED world summit is important to the OLED market?

The OLED World Summit provides a diversified and well-balanced program, covering the entire spectrum of OLED technology, including technical advancements, marketing data, and manufacturing innovations. The program is well planned to allow fruitful interactions between speakers and conference participants. In summary, I can call this one stop shopping-everything you need from A to Z, access to the latest developments and trends is key to ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. OLED technology is a moving target and rapidly changing every day and so also competing technologies to OLED.

 Why should people attend this event?

The OLEDs World Summit is global event, providing excellent opportunity for the entire OLED community to meet under one roof that includes experts across the globe from industries and academic circles.

It provides unparalleled opportunities to network with other attendees during opening reception, breaks, and luncheon. Secondly, valuable information on new OLED applications and

New breakthroughs and finally the manufacturing, marketing and cost trends- all critical information to push the OLED frontiers.

How does this event aid in overcoming the challenges that currently face the OLED market?

For the OLED market to grow further, we need to continuously innovate and improve performance of several OLED segments. These include material performance, architecture and electronics, material coating/deposition techniques and finally the cost-effective manufacturing. These segments are interdependent and OLED Summit covers a wide spectrum of technologies that will provide a climate to understand each of these segments.

What innovations would you like to see in OLED applications?

We just celebrated the 30th anniversary of OLED invention. This may be an opportune time to break out of our comfort zone and explore new frontiers that provide new growth opportunities. Especially significant will be future medical molecular diagnostics applications to enhance the efficiency of global healthcare and other OLED centric applications in dermatology etc. I strongly believe healthcare applications will be a major future opportunities.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I am looking forward to latest developments in OLED technology and business, meet my peers and colleagues, and interact with OLED global leaders and influencers face to face.

I am also looking forward to updates on technological advancements in all segments, especially in flexible OLED technologies, future market trend and long-term projections. Most importantly, I am interested in cost analysis and cost projections as cost is a major challenge for both display and lighting.