Google Discusses Reliability Assessment Guidelines for Next Generation Displays

Ahead of his presentation at the 2019 OLEDs World Summit, we reached out to   Kiarash Vakhshouri, PhD, Reliability Lead at Google Inc,  to discuss real issues with the next generation of displays, noted progress with regards to OLED technology, and some key challenges that still need to be addressed.

Why have you decided to present at the 2019 OLEDs World Summit?

To highlight potential issues and reliability concerns with flexible OLED displays.

Where do you see the OLED market heading with regard to use in next generation displays?

The market is trending towards higher performance OLED materials (better color, higher luminance, and better reliability and life time).

From your perspective, what industry barriers/challenges exist, technical or otherwise, that prevent progress? How does the OLEDs World Summit help to address those shared challenges?

 Notable challenges or barriers within the industry include achieving higher brightness, better life time performance, and the cost of flexible OLED panels. The OLEDs World Summit helps to address these challenges by connecting more OLED display suppliers to OLED material suppliers for more collaborations, and providing more technical talks on OLED issues - including comparisons with other display technologies.

What do you hope delegates will take from your presentation, Reliability Assessment Guidelines for Next Generation Displays?

Highlight the real issues with the new generation of displays and identify how we can accurately assess the reliability of display technology.

With advancements in other display technologies such as MicroLEDs Quantum Dots what actions do you think the OLEDs industry needs to take to remain competitive?

Great question!

  • Cost
  • OLED performance (life time)
  • Higher brightness and better color saturation
  • Refining OLED process for robust OLED display module

You’ve been in the display industry for some time – what progress have you seen with regard to OLED technology and what are the key challenges ahead?


  • Lifetime performance
  • Transitioning from Glass OLED to Plastic OLED 

Challenges (same as mentioned above):

  • Achieving higher brightness and better life time performance  
  • Cost of flexible OLED panels

Hear more from Kiarash Vakhshouri during his presentation   Reliability Assessment Guidelines for Next Generation Displays,   taking place on Day 1 of the conference (September 25) at 10:00 AM.