Royole Talks Product Innovation and Technology Development with Flexible AMOLEDs

Ahead of his participation at the 2019 OLEDs World Summit, we reached out to   Ze Yuan, Ph.D., R&D Director of Advanced Technology Development at Royole Corporation to discuss shared challenges, new product innovation, and current technology development with flexible AMOLEDs.

Why have you decided to support the 2019 OLEDs World Summit?

The OLEDs World Summit has been a great event for the community especially for groups in the US to gather and discuss about OLED industry trends in September, in between other major display events. We would like to take the opportunity to share our views.

What do you think the OLEDs World Summit offers the OLED industry?

Mostly, it is an opportunity for the US community to come together and discuss about OLED trends.

Your presentation is titled Product Innovation and Technology Development with Flexible AMOLEDs, what do you hope the audience will take from your presentation?

I hope to deliver our views and practice over different applications based upon flexible OLEDs, and discuss about the remaining challenges to be addressed.

Can you talk to us about some of the challenges you encountered during the development of the Royole FlexPai? What are some current technological challenges Royole is facing?

Working on a first generation consumer device, there is no reference over how to combine flexible display with rest of the mechanics inside the smartphone. To study this part and understand its impact on reliability and user scenarios is definitely a challenge. We will mention some examples in the talk. 

How can the OLEDs World Summit help to combat these challenges?

It helps present the issues to the OLED community, which consists of many companies and members working on different aspects of the whole. Hopefully, the industry discussions will trigger new ideas and direct the attention to certain areas that we think are critical - as an end-product maker.

What innovations do you hope to see achieved over the next few years with regard to the development of flexible OLED technology, what do you see as some of the most promising applications?

We would need more clever solutions towards several remaining challenges for flexible OLEDs, from device to module levels. The most promising application is obviously folding electronic devices, not just for smartphones but also for tablet or even notebook size form factor and computing power. 

Can you tell us what you are most looking forward to at the 2019 OLEDs World Summit?

I personally look forward to sharing the viewpoints with the audiences and I am curious about what the questions are going to be. Component vendors sometimes have innovations that we are unaware of. It is also always interesting to learn the solution and see whether there is a match with the problem.

Hear more from Ze Yuan and Royole during his presentation   Product Innovation and Technology Development with Flexible AMOLEDs,  taking place on  Day 1 of the conference (September 25) at 12:00 PM.